Content Writing

Content Writing

Privileged PR can deliver the content writing service designed to get your business and your brand noticed.

From press releases and site updates to blog content and social media posts, we have every angle covered. We ensure that all online content is written with search in mind. Every individual update is optimised for search engines by using important keywords and creating hyperlinks to direct traffic back to the relevant pages on your website or blog.

At Privileged PR, we leave little to chance and carry out research into the latest industry topics. This effort keeps your business and your subscribers up to date and provides the image for your customers and potential clients that your business is a relevant voice for your company’s industry.

Privileged PR are also at your disposal to assist in writing other website materials. Website copy or editorial features, white papers and other guides, case studies or content for promotional materials, rest assured that Privileged PR is up to the task to deliver for any of these requirements.

What Happens To The Content?

All content that is created is created with a specific purpose in mind. Whether it be to highlight a new product launch, a simple advertisement or an in-depth piece detailing the latest industry advances, Privileged PR has a range of channels and trusted partnerships we can use to distribute your content.

Depending on the purpose, we can use these relationships that we have forged with our marketing experience to target your content via key editors, bloggers and journalists within your core sectors.

Whilst promoting content has the goal of captivating and informing audiences, this is not the sole purpose…

The end goal must be about something of greater importance.

Using the content strategically, coupled with the latest marketing methods we look to create and distribute the type of unique and interesting pieces that nurture the audience through to the purchase process. Close to ten years’ experience in the world of PR and Marketing has proven to us that increased online traffic through carefully crafted content inevitably leads to increased sales and turnover.

For more information on how Privileged PR can deliver for you, please call us on 02477 677 545 or email us at and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.