LinkedIn… Is it working for you?


This week LinkedIn has played a massive part in new business enquiries. It is clear that more and more businesses are starting to use LinkedIn to promote their business. LinkedIn is not just a networking site for job hunters and recruiters, start using it to showcase your business.

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A LinkedIn business page is a great idea for sharing your latest news, highlights, current projects and other industry news. If you are looking for a place to start, have a read through our top 6 tips to creating the perfect business networking page

1.Complete your own Professional Profile & Connect With Everyone

Before you start using a business page to promote your products or services on LinkedIn, it is a necessary for you to ensure that your own personal profile showcases who you are and what you do. Remember that the main purpose of LinkedIn is to help people network. Once you have provided all the relevant information about yourself and built up connections, start using the business page feature.

2.Customise your Business Page

I am often approached by individuals who are not digitally minded – asking to ‘just create the LinkedIn Business Page, and we will do the rest’. Although it might look like the most complicated thing to do, creating the page is the easy bit. Building your brand, populating the page, updating your page and creating your following is the thing which takes time. It might not happen over night, however, a little effort everyday and strong set-up will ensure that the audience you are targeting find you. Make sure you spend time setting up and editing/updating your page, the smallest changes and updates will help.

3.Be Compelling

LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms because I often feel that the ‘anything goes’ approach doesn’t work here. When you are sharing news on your company page, make sure your headline stand outs. Once your audience has a compelling reason to take a look at your content you will be able to determine what works, all you will need then is to streamline your finishing touches e.g. video’s, images and other graphic materials.

4.Recommend other services and products

If you have used it, and you were satisfied, why not recommend it? After all, we are all trying to improve what we do and how we do. It is always a nice touch if you are willing to recommend someone or a business you have worked alongside.

5.Highlight your Business on your own Profile

If you are looking to grow your Business Page following, make sure you are sharing news across your own profile as well. Your connections are more likely to find your Business Page through your own updates.

6.Keep up the good work

Once you have got past the initial set-up stage, make sure you continue to work at keeping your page up to date and active. There is no point have a LinkedIn page or a LinkedIn profile if you are not using it. There is no point in putting all the effort in to establish your LinkedIn presence, if you are not sharing.

LinkedIn is a brilliant business tool when used regularly, if you are looking to establish your presence on LinkedIn, get in touch with us,



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